Sunday, October 7, 2007



2汤匙coconut/olive oil + 1茶匙最幼的海盐 在背部按摩,磨砂,一个星期一次。


1小片荷叶 + 一茶匙淡竹叶 + 1个Peppermint薄荷的茶包冲泡热水。当开水喝。


10克决明子 + 10克黄精 + 10克枸杞子 +5克山楂 + 5克陈皮 + 200克虾仁 + 米粉 + 适量的水

D) 减肥冲凉法



50 ml Aloe Vera Gel ($12的那种)
在里头加入 mandarin oil, rosemary, rose geranium, lemon oil 个5滴,摇晃均匀,可以收6个


Anonymous said...

Hi Renee & Wendy

Would like to know whether you have any recommendation for enlarged pores and dark eye circles?? Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee & Wendy

Where can I get all these materials.

傻MUI said...

You can get all these materials from Chinese medical shops.

We did enlarge pores before. I muz say if you want to see immediate effect, it has to be IPL or LHE treatment. The rest only covers our pores. There are a lot of makeup base products out there who claims to reduce pores. Well, it's to cover it up.

Our pores are big due to lots of factors, ageing is one of them. cos lack of collagen make our skin sink down.

Dark eye circles? me still trying all eye products. You have to find the cause. For me its my skin colouration and sensitive nose problem. Bryan teacher mentioned a Neo Strata eye cream which is good for eye fine lines, haven't tried that yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,

Would like to know where I can buy the Alvoera gel and those oils.
Do you know of any places where can I get those items at cheapest price?

Thanks a lot