Wednesday, October 3, 2007

减肥(II) 运动篇



* 快走at 8km/hr 的速度-555卡
* 快跑at 12km/hr的速度-700
* 爬1500级楼梯 -250
* 网球- 425
* 舞池跳舞-300
* 韵律操-300
* 桌球-300
* 慢跑at 9km/hr - 655
* 游泳at 3km/hr speed - 550
* Golf(自背球杆〕- 270
* 走在跑步机at 6km/hr speed - 345
* 抹地20mins - 170
* 抹窗20mins -180
* 吸尘30mins =游泳20分钟
* 晾衣-150
* 跳绳-660
* 武术-790


Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei

Could you pls advise the aroma oil tat can use for slim down by Bryan laoshi. Thank you


Anonymous said...

hi yong mei

i also having same problems pimples always on 下巴.

傻MUI said...

Bryan's aroma oil formula will be out soon! do watch out this website! wanna encourage you all to listen to programme mah. hee hee.

pimples always on 下巴。i used to have that too. until it moves to forehead, then beside my ears area. Mostly caused by digestive problems. Forehead pimples caused by hormonal changes. (people used to tell me becos my hair was dirty. haha!)

Anyway, I'm going to Jacelyn 秀珍's health centre 2moro! 我真的是敢死队hor? 凡是都要试一试!Will update all of you how is the "flatten tummy" herbal drink that she mentioned in today's programme. hope it helps to detox.

I used to have bad skin. Facial saved me. From once every 2 weeks to once a month. I didn't use any machines then. (wah, 10years ago leh) now, with IPL, LHE and LED light machines, controlling outbreak is much easier. I'm still going religiously to COSLAB for LHE treatment (For collagen, tighten pores and facial hair removal esp above lips area.) The doctor said LHE and LED good for acne problems while IPL very good for pigmentation黑斑. Must say, per treatment is quite expensive but effective lor. If not, do facials, find a good beautician.

Anonymous said...

hi yong mei, just started to listen to your program recently and i love it. you sound very cute (ke ai)on air and look lovable too. may i know where is siew zhen's health centre?(u mention u going there tomorrow). is it beauty salon offer facial and slimming treatments. appreciate if you could reply. thanks. have a nice day!! mei mei (i call u this, feel u more suit tis name) hee hee (by the way i'm also mei)