Sunday, May 18, 2008


郑秀珍在星期四我型我show,曾谈到对不同性质肌肤有帮助的食物。你还记得吗? 可以来recap 一下!

(番薯,番茄(抗氧化食物)+橙,葡萄柚,柠檬(维他命c) 还有blackberries,blueberries,strawberries及canola oil, walnuts.

2) 干性皮肤-》
(低脂奶质品low fat diary products) 如yoghurt (rich in vitamin a and "live" bacteria, good for digestion, in turn, good for
skin) flaxseed oil是个最佳皮肤保湿产品,可以在沙拉上淋2汤匙flaxseed oil)

3) 敏感皮肤
(苹果,三文鱼salmon(皮肤不会那么干,就不会痒),cranberry 蔓越莓(帮助血液排毒),柠檬(对肝肾排毒有用),全麦面包及谷
物(内含selenium 对保持健康皮肤细胞有用),绿茶(抗发炎)。

多吃vitamin c 食物, zinc锌物质食物可以加速对抗雀斑同时增加皮肤collagen弹性蛋白。zinc 食物如红肉,鸡蛋,海鲜,冬菇。

5) 暗疮皮肤-》
barley grass (秀珍大力推荐!!!)+omega 3脂肪酸(sardines)+含有folic acid及vitamin b9食物可以加速细胞更新。如绿色蔬菜,
猪肝,green legumes.


含有manganese (确保头发健康)及selenium(保持头发弹性)及sulphur (健康指甲及头发)的食物,包括香蕉,凤梨,蛋黄,绿色蔬菜,豆类,asparagus芦笋,broccoli绿色花椰菜,洋葱,clams, 豆芽, 冬菇,cheese.


Anonymous said...

Hi both

Since jacelyn Tay strongly recommend barley grass, can I know whts the main benefits of this? Detox or for pimply skin?

Thank You

Anonymous said...

Hi Xiao Ying

May I know where to get barley grass.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Barley grass can be bought at organic shop or certain NTUC organic corner

** kaypoh la! help Xiao Ying to reply.


Anonymous said...

hi both
may i know what is green legumes ?

Anonymous said...

Hi XiaoYing and YongMei

I suspect my sunken or droopy eyes were due to my over dieting. I look older than my age. What type of food must I eat or what must I do to remove it?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

wo xing wo xio! Wo jiu shi wo. Ni jiu shi ni. Wo de shi wo de. Ni de ye shi wo de. Zhe shi Hokkien ren shuo de. How is the taste? Enak? or Sedap? Let u choose. God give u the free will to choose. I am free in the Lord. I am what I am. So, I can be holy but can also be holy, too. The two "holys" are totally different. YongMei, your rainbow is different from mine. Did u receive my e-mails? Kindly acknowledge receipt for good manners' sake. Singapore govt. practises Good Manners' Campaigne. My spelling may not be correct. Pls edit it if it is not right. The word 'Campaigne' may be be correct. Please look up your dictionary. It is not a kind of beer or wine. Readable?

Merry X'mas
12/13/2009 4.50 PM

Anonymous said...

Hi 2 of u,

I just left my comment but all of a sudden, all the anonymous said... appeared. You are discussing about barley grass, I have tasted it before, maybe, not too sure now. It is not very nice. It is a drink to me. Not too sweet will be better. I don't know what it is useful for but at least a substitute for soft drinks or tea, coffee, milo, etc.; of course for beer and wine.

Warm regards from,

Anonymous said...

I just read about blackberries, blueberries and canola oil. Where can you find all these materials? You can find a heart in one type of canola oil bottle. However, there are many types of canola oil on sale in the supermarket. Beware of their quality! I usually eat wild blueberries and wild blackberries which are found in the jam for my wholemeal bread during my meals, even brunch, dipper, etc. I can't cook sometimes. So, that is the only resort.

Merry Christmas n a blessed New Year.
With love from,

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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