Thursday, May 29, 2008

八仙过海 - 热痱甜品

很多人在问这道甜品, 现在告诉你!

20克 仙草粉
120 克 西瓜
1个 奇异果
5个 葡萄
1个 水蓊
1大匙 honey
2汤匙 澱粉(菜燕也可)
3碗 水

水+仙草粉+澱粉以中小火加热,然后加入水果. 冷却后,放入冰箱冷藏. 要吃时,切成块,上面加蜂蜜即可.


Anonymous said...

dear yong mei

once on the radio, you said for those kids who are in growth before 16 yrs old, eat green papaya with something.
may i know what must we mix the green papaya with and what type of green papaya should we buy?

thank you

Anonymous said...

hi both,

this comment is continued from ann.

may i know when 2 eat the food?

Josephine said...

Dear XioaYing & YongMei

Appreciate if you could let me know what is the 5th item for the recipe for "Pai Sen gou Hai". Is it China Pear.

Thanks & all the best