Tuesday, September 25, 2007


没有费用,不会把你们的资料公开.成立俱乐部的原因只是想集合所有听"我型我秀"节目的朋友,了解你们的问题.下来我们打算办"如何style头发", "你的化妆的问题吗?"等美容讲座.如果你参加俱乐部,会优先通知你们.

记得把各人姓名,hp no.以及你的email(如有)和自己关心的美容问题传真:6250 5972或email给我: 


对了,他的网址是: http://bryanomhealth.blogspot.com

还有,再次提醒您参加这个星期六,早上10点在OG ALBERT的LANCASTER柜台主办的


空格 <你的名字> 空格 <你的身份证号码> 空格 <为什么想参加派对的原因>发送到75500



emily said...

Love your new blog:> cheers

great informtaion

Unknown said...

Love ur show, and when u were with bryan lao shi in the morning.

I do follow taiwan program with nu er lao shi, lulu lao shi and kevin lao shi. But i think your programm is stronger in terms of informations. And not so commercial. I wish one day u will be in morning show again. Many of my colleagues love it. And hope u bryan and siao yin can be the new lao shi in singapore which is amazing. bryan lao shi is very good i tried his remedies on acne and it works for me. thanks yong mei

傻MUI said...

Thanx emily! do pop by more often. now, information is MORE organised.

Me love Bryan's remedies too. Luckily got samples from him, dun have to buy to try out. He is my shrink too! hee hee.