Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bryan 老师 讲座开始接受报名了!

4月25号Bryan老师“百人讲座“ 晚上八点在新传媒礼堂举行。 明天, 4月7 号早上10点到1点可以开始报名!

电话: 6256 9691 每人收费$8包括茶点招待!



减肥穴位按摩法, 五行阴阳调和法,水晶脸部按摩,竹炭使用法及米糠油美容法等等等。



Anonymous said...

Hi, xiaoying & yongmei
I thot there is a free talk by bryan lao shi on 25 Apr, and many of us hv already registered.Pls let us knw are they the same.
Thank you.

傻MUI said...

hi! I've mentioned about the talk earlier and said it hasn't been confirmed if listeners have to pay. Anyway, due to rental and refreshments, you have to pay $8 each. So, pls call the phone no. i provide in both my blogs from 10am to 1pm.

DJ Xiao Ying said...

I think $8 is really just to cover the venue's cost and the refreshments. If you want to attend the free one, next one will be the hair styling in May. Stay tune :)

Anonymous said...


is that the only time slot for registration? How about if I missed this timing. Are there any alternative?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi XiaoYing and Yongmei,

I tried calling the given tel # so many times but nobody answers wor. Can I still register or the talk already fullhouse? Pls provide us alternative to register instead of calling the hotline yet nobody pick up.

Thanks alots.

Anonymous said...

Hi DJ XiaoYing & Yong Mei,

Where is the venue for Bryan lao shi's talk? It is at News Center at Toa payoh?

Anonymous said...

guess not everyone is's stated in 1st liner of the blog "4月25号Bryan老师“百人讲座“ 晚上八点在新传媒礼堂举行" means Mediacorp Hall which is located @ Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Andrew Road. Singapore 299939.

Anonymous said...

is the talk in chinese???????????
pls reply!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yong Mei & Xiao Ying,
I have enjoy the talkshow that both Bryan and Jesslyn is on. but to working timiming I am not able to write down the recipe as mentioned. Just wonder Will it be post on your blog as I don't think it is posted on Bryan's as well.

BTW, you ladies did a great job. Thanks and all the best.

Anonymous said...

Hi XiaoYing & YongMei,thanks for organising Bryan Laoshi's talk. I've learnt alot of beauty & health tips & save a lot of $$ too.I had a great time.Wish that the talk can be longer. Hope you can organise more of his talks. Really happy to see both of u in person.. Kat