Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bryan 今天的回复

1) 活血,滋润皮肤

紫色山药 70克
马铃薯 90克
南瓜 100克


2) 去疼痛

Lavendula Vera薰衣草油, Mint oil薄荷油, Petitgraine oil苦树油 各一滴,加少许护肤油涂在疼痛处.


浮小麦$1, 分两次煮
红枣 5粒


4) 雀斑及帮助入睡及去湿

5) 狐臭
(tea tree 2滴,lavendula 1滴,lemon oil 1 滴,放入30ml的aloe vera gel涂在患处)

6) 皮肤暗沉
(Frankincense + Lavendula 各一滴,滴在温水中蒸几分钟)


Anonymous said...

Very useful to me,Many thanks to XiaoYing & YongMei.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi XiaoYing,

Thanks for your update.

May i know where can i get the Lavendula Vera薰衣草油, Mint oil薄荷油, Petitgraine oil苦树油???


From: Karen

Anonymous said...

do , re , mi ,fa , so
do , re , mi , so , la

Anonymous said...

Good morning Yong mei,
Bryan Lao shi's recipe came just in time as I am having sleepless nights for the past 1 week.Tried the recipe yesterday.Seems like it works.Will cook again later on.Thank you

Wei Chern

Anonymous said...

Dear YongMei & Bryan Lao Shi,

Thank you for notes.

Just wonder where to buy

Thank you :-)

Mrs. Ong-Chia

Anonymous said...

May i know where i can find those information that Jacelyn Tay say in the program previously?


Anonymous said...

I love bryan lao shi on "live" can we make it more consistent. And i really appreciate that.

I find that his information is always new and endless receipes. Thank you.

Lei min

Anonymous said...

Mrs Ong, Fu siao Mai can be bought in HDB chinese medical hall.


Unknown said...

HI Xiao ying and Yong mei.
I like today's program very much. I never thought Wu Xing is related to health and food. Will definetly tune in tomorrow again. I have tried the recipe using Shan YAo, potatoe and nan gwa. My children and parents loved it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting topic today. Keep this going! Jia You Jia YOu!


Unknown said...

The recipe using Fu Xiao Mai is very effective. It taste good too.
Today's show with bryan lao shi is very useful and interesting.Now I know why I always so bad tempered. Hopefully I can control my temper better in future. Ke ke keeee

Anonymous said...

I personally like bryan lao shi topic is always so interesting. Hope this will maintain.

May I know if i am lack of wood and fire. What kind of food should i eat.


Anonymous said...

Ms. XiaoYing & YongMei,

Can ask Mr.Addy Lee:

12-yr old and 11-yr old girls can use 'SilkPro' hair conditioner?

My 12-yr old girl's hair is v.dry n 11-yr old girl got small lumps on head n when it dried up become something like dandruff.
Now they're using L'Oreal Kids shampoo.

If can use conditioner, how shud it be used? Once or twice a week?

Tku very much,

人见人爱的小西 said...


Anonymous said...

Not updated le this blog hope bryan's laoshi liveshow recipe can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday Bryan Laoshi mention 3 aromatheray oil during period menses(reduce pain)Can you write to me,Many Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hi SiaoYing & Yongmei,妳好!
We hope during Bryan Laoshi's on Air in Love 972 every Tue/Wed u can post out his's recipe here.

As you done in last post.Thanks you so much.


Toby said...

may i know where to get those oil that bryan's program show and mention of different kind of method help for stress,illness, etc.

Toby said...

may i know where to get those oil that bryan's program show and mention of different kind of method help for stress,illness, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zhao,
U can buy from Bryan's Laoshi.His's blog Product list www.omhealth.com/bryanlist.htm.
or http://www.bryanomhealth.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

Where can we get the updates of all the receipes that Bryan mentioned on air using figs.


Anonymous said...

Hi XiaoYing & Yongmei,

Hope u can post Bryan laoshi's live comment on ur post. Sometimes very difficult to follow wat is said cos too fast. Pls help, it'll be very useful. Thanks!

Toby said...

Hi XiaoYing & YongMei,

thank you very much for your help, I had received your reply. :)

thank n regards,


Anonymous said...

Hi Xiaoying & Yongmei,
May i know the name of the medicine to stop the itch for sensitive skin that Dr Kelvin mentioned before. ( can take for longterm & no side effect)

Thanks with regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Xiao Ying & Yong Mei can you pls help me to find out from Bryan Lao Shi for the arm pit odour using 3 different kind of oil add to aloe vera gel can it be use on my 10 yrs old daughter. Thks for your help really appreciate.

iris said...


Anonymous said...

Urine can be used in other ways besides drinking. Applying urine on the skin helps to heal many skin related problems. Some eg are acne, rashes, eczema, itch cause by allergy or insect bites, oily skin, athlete's foot, jellyfish stings......Simply dab urine on the areas that need attention, allow it to dry (you can wash the area with water later, but it is not necessary as it will not smell). You will notice that itches will stop very quickly. Eczema will take 2 to 3 weeks of daily application to heal. One suggestion is to apply urine 10 to 15 minutes before you take your shower.

Old urine are very effective for removing oil from your body and face. It will have a strong smell but no worries, it will not stay on you. Apply it on your (oily) face and rinse it with water. You can feel your face to be squeaky clean, no other products work better than your own urine. You don't have to believe me, find out for yourself. This is how you can go about doing it. Collect your urine in a bottle and leave for a least 3 days (mine are XO grade, I just top them when it gets low). Then apply and shower.

Is it true?

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~Unknown~ said...


GodBlessMe said...

I miss 30/mar/09 of your program, can u tell me the name of the chinese medicines for curing the sore throat & the oil to remove away the mosquitoes. Thks!!

I do hope that u can post the daily impt & interesting topics & ans on the blog thks.

GodBlessMe said...

Hoping you can update daily great programs here